Frequently Asked Questions

Why is each coffee product named a virtue? We believe this is a meaningful way to convey our company mission. Each coffee is more than just a beverage, it allows and challenges us to reflect on our journey of personal excellence.

What size coffee bags do we offer? We currently offer 12-ounce coffee bags in both whole bean and standard ground.

Do we sell single-serve coffee pods? Yes! We offer our Honor Blend and Humility Blend in a 12-pack of single serve coffee pods.

What is our current coffee selection? We currently offer 7 unique coffee products:

  • Sacrifice: our signature blonde roast
  • Humility: our classic breakfast blend
  • Honor: our bold cowboy blend
  • Wisdom: our french vanilla blend
  • Patience: our single-origin Peru roast
  • Courage: our single-origin Bali roast
  • Peace: our decaf roast

What is single-origin coffee? Single-origin coffee is sourced from a specific geographic region. Because these coffees are sourced in unique locations, they often have distinct flavor profiles.